Monday, June 8, 2009

well it has been interesting

today is one of the few days I have spent mostly in town and using the netbook and wifi hotspots I get a felling for what it might be like to live with such tech 24/7 and it moves me to expand what I am using at home


manged to get the pc to load up and tranmit with a multimode program and the new cable interface to the IC 718 and gott to have a qso in hell as opposed to a qso with hell

Friday, June 5, 2009

tech tip needed...

how to prevent the kb9rqz-k9 from adjustaging the votage on a powere supple

Friday, May 22, 2009

couple of more pics

nothing specail but I did promise

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

some 'teena pic

here they are a couple more tomarrow

some homebrewing links

likely qrp CW stuff but I hasve nopt realy realy looks

one site

another site


still another

source of these links is at eham

Monday, April 6, 2009

some freqs for diital modes (off emahm second hand


160 Meters
1.838.150 PSK31, Stream, Etc.
1.890 SSTV

80 Meters
3.580.150 to 3.620 Data (RTTY, PSK31, Hellschreiber, Stream
3.620 to 3.635 Packet
3.845 SSTV

40 Meters
7.035.150 PSK31
7.037 Stream, Hellschreiber
7.080 RTTY
7.171 SSTV

30 Meters
10.130 PSK31
10.130 to 10.140 RTTY
10.137 Hellschreiber
10.140 to 10.150 Packet

20 Meters
14.063.5 Hellschreiber
14.070.150 PSK31
14.070 to 14.095 RTTY
14.080 Stream
14.100.5 to 14.112 Packet
14.230 SSTV
14.233 SSTV

17 Meters
18.100 to 18.105 RTTY
18.103 Hellschreiber
18.105 Stream
18.105 to 18.110 Packet

15 Meters
21.063 Hellschreiber
21.070 to 21.100 RTTY
21.080.150 PSK31 , Stream
21.100 to 21.110 Packet
21.340 SSTV

12 Meters
24.920 to 24.925 RTTY
24.925 to 24.930 Packet
24.929 Stream

10 Meters
28.070 to 28.150 RTTY
28.080 Stream
28.120.150 PSK31, Hellschreiber
28.680 SSTV
28.690 SSTV (some SSTV repeaters on this Freq.)
28.700 SSTV

6 Meters
50.680 SSTV
51.120 PSK31
(Also have heard on/around 50.290 PSK31)

2 Meters
145.500 SSTV Nationwide, FM SSTV Simplex Frequency
145.550 PSK31, Hellschreiber, Stream
145.600 SSTV
145.650 Experimental Digital

review of xggcomms interface for 13 pin icoms

got the cable off Ebay form xggcomms had issues (my PC I think load a new version of MixW but I DigiPan up a few minutes later an had the rig (the IC 718 my wife picked out at aessuperfest last year when she got her general license.

Had 2 qsois in a matter of mintues including a best station I can hear

Have not yet set up to use the laptops as planned but success so far

now I can easly use the radio while uploading stuff for my ecomerce sites like the newly opened

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

a new acheivement ( a minor one)

Paypal does it seems make accepting money fairly easy

feel free to use this button to give me some money esp if you have it burning a hole in your pocket it is provided however merely as an illustration

if you should happen to give me money this way I will put to use paying for and after that it will be used to enhance the kb9rqz/kd8ctl station

Saturday, February 28, 2009

new feature at has a new feature being rolled a bbs sytems for site feedback the bbs is here.

It's function is to allow for feedback and expand my working knowledge of web site control in preperation for helping my wife is major when we set an emcomercre site.

of the bbs is moderated by me so bahave yourself

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a review of my hosting of

well I ahve been with them a bout a week now and so far I am quite happy

happy enough to promote the site
Reliable $1 Web Hosting by 3iX
tech support is there 24/7 and is very pataint even with those that like myself are not sure what they are doing

the dollar a month plan seem a bit cheap with phpp/sql databases one seems to needs for various addon to your site (the 3 buck a month plan seems a bit more rebust on that score but they are cheap 21 bucks would up yourcall dot com or net or org somebody else

yes you click through and buy I get paid something but they do seems be a decent job at a decent price

I have hd no problem setting up a perl based shopping payment service to take paypal and not much problem with seting up word press to host a blog there at

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a technical achievement for the kosher ham

bloging on the go

here I am with the new otebook and blging here at apllebee's

one small step for me and no real leaap either